Peva Shower Curtain from Target

Change Your Bathroom With a Peva Shower Curtain from Target

One of the fastest and most affordable ways to give your bathroom an updated look is by changing out your shower curtain. Today, there are so many options for curtains that there is something for every possible style or whim out there.

Add more of a feel to the bathroom with the shower curtain you choose. These are great for adding the look of more space to a small room. Bright, light colors open up a smaller bathroom while patterns can add more of a focal point to a room.

Besides adding more style to a bathroom, shower curtains of course have a job to do. Peva offers quality shower curtains made with non-toxic materials. They also make liners to use with the curtains to help prevent any mildew from forming on or near the curtain.

Target offers a wide selection of these curtains both at their brick and mortar stores and online. Users who have purchased Peva curtains from Room Essentials love the designs, colors, and options available. It is possible to buy a new curtain, liner, and a rug and transform a bathroom instantly for a very affordable price.

Peva curtains are durable and they are also very easy to keep clean. For most curtains, the hooks are not included, but this can offer you another option for customizing the bathroom. Select different shaped hooks and different colors to complement the curtain and add an even bigger accent to the room.

Some of the clear curtains or the ones with white cube designs have been among the most popular for people with small apartments. The curtains give the room a clean and elegant look. There is privacy as you cannot see through the curtain but at the same time, the curtain lets in lots of light.

You can keep the shower essentials stored behind the curtain without detracting from a clean look in the bathroom. This makes any small apartment bathroom look bigger.

Some customers have felt disappointed that the holes for the hooks have to be punched out. Still, it is a small price to pay for a good-quality, non-toxic shower curtain that lasts.

There are patterns like peace signs which are popular with children and their parents alike. You could simply order the curtain, liner, and accessories easily from Target and have a whole new bathroom in under a weekend.

Shower curtains are also ideal for stand-alone bathtubs. Pair a classic flower print curtain with a white old-fashioned tub and you will have an elegant look that makes a statement all for under $20. When you want to transform your bathroom look to Target to get all of your essential accessories.

Peva is a safe material and Target’s biggest line of home products is proud to offer a huge selection of these shower curtains to customers. Buy all of your towels, rugs and other accessories for the bathroom and create a whole new look with the help of Target.

Non Toxic Shower Curtains

Options For Non Toxic Shower Curtains

Many people choose to ignore the chemical smell when they take out a new shower curtain out of the packaging. However, they don’t know that the shower curtains made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) release a lot of harmful chemicals in the air that remain there for at least a month and sometimes, up to a year.

Researchers have found that a typical PVC shower curtain can release as many as 108 types of volatile organic compounds. In a research study, it was found that the level of volatile organic compounds in the indoor air turned out to be over 16 times the recommended guidelines for indoor air quality.

In other words, you shouldn’t buy curtains made from PVC as the chemicals released by these curtains are not good for you and your family. Thankfully, there are a number of options available these days for non-toxic shower curtains.

Choosing the Right Non Toxic Shower Curtains

One of the options available to you is curtains made out of polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA) which is a vinyl without chlorine. These release fewer volatile organic compounds but are affordable and waterproof. These are better than PVC shower curtains as the number of volatile organic compounds is fewer but these are not environmentally friendly.

Another option available to you is fabric shower curtains. These are made of linen or cotton. Many people prefer to have a fabric curtain on the outside with a plastic liner on the inside of the shower. Hemp is also a popular choice when it comes to fabric shower curtains as it is naturally mildew resistant and is durable but these shower curtains cost a bit more. However, these are environmentally friendly and good for a one-time investment as these are likely to last for years.

It is also important to mention here that hemp, linen and cotton absorb water without the liner. Also, linen and cotton are likely to attract mold and mildew.

You may also use shower curtains made of polyester. Polyester is also porous but it’s lightweight. Nylon is also a good choice as it is water resistant and easily washable. The advantage of polyester and nylon is these are easily washable. You can throw them in the washing machine and they come out completely fresh.

Irrespective of the material you choose for the shower curtain, it is important to take care of it to make it last longer. Therefore, you should wash the shower curtains on a regular basis to keep them free of mold and mildew. The best way to wash the shower curtain in a washing machine is to throw it in with a cup of white vinegar and a quarter of the usual amount of laundry detergent. A regular wash cycle with warm water will completely clear the curtains and white vinegar will help in getting rid of any mold or mildew.

Overall, these are some of the options for non-toxic shower curtains. While it is true that some of these options costly as compared to PVC shower curtains but keep in mind that these curtains are going to last you for years and the higher price is not that bad considering this is a one-time investment for your health.

Vinyl Shower Curtains

Installing The Best Vinyl Shower Curtains

There will come a time when you need to invest in a new shower curtain for your home, in one or more of your bathrooms. However, this is something that a lot of people do not actually put a lot of thought into before hand. What you should know is that having a high quality shower curtain can make a world of difference. Make sure that you take the time to look at your options in vinyl shower curtain so that you can get a great deal of use out of it and have it look great at the same time.

In a lot of bathroom set ups, a shower curtain will be comprised of more than one layer. There will be the outer curtain, the inner curtain or liner and the rings or hooks that are used to hold the curtain up on the shower rod. Each of these pieces to the puzzle can either be found at your local department store, a specialty bed and bath store or some of the different websites available online. No matter what, you need to be sure that you are shopping for a well made curtain that is going to come with a wonderful design and a great price. Choosing the right model shower curtain will ensure that you will have it for a long time to come.

Shower Curtain Liners

The first thing that you want to think about buying is a good curtain liner. The bottom of the liner will end up being placed inside the tub, which means that it is going to get a lot of exposure to water. Because of this, there can be a great deal of mold and mildew build up if you do not have the best material. Vinyl curtain liners are made to take on the task as the material is water resistant and it can help to keep mildew away and repel water. If you take the time to search for a vinyl liner that is going to be made of the highest quality material, you will also be able to put it in your washing machine on low once it gets soiled.

Designs And Details

While you are looking at all of your options in vinyl shower curtains for the exterior, you will see that there are going to be a number of colors and patterns that are available. There are plenty of amazing designs that you can choose from that will help you to blend with your current decor or even start something new that can transform the look and feel of your space.

Overall, you are going to see that having the right shower curtain will be an important part of putting together your bathroom. While this may seem like something that is a daunting task, you could end up with a high quality vinyl shower curtain that will make for the perfect, functional accessory that you can successfully use each day without any worries and know that you have made a great investment.

PEVA Shower Curtains

Plastic is all around us – it’s a fact of life. The use of plastic has contributed to an improved quality of life for millions of people across the globe – however, many people are expressing reservations about just how healthy our obsession with plastic is.

Shower curtains have come under scrutiny as well. Although shower curtains made from PVC plastic are incredibly cheap there are concerns about the toxicity of the material due to off gassing and the last place you want your family to be exposed to toxins is when they’re in the shower.

Research by leading American authorities have found a noxious mess of gases given off by PVC shower curtains. The witches brew includes toluene, phthalates, methyl isobutyl ketone, ethylbenzene, acetophenone and xylene, among others.

The research also found that these chemicals don’t disappear once you step out of the shower – they can hang around in the air for up to a month – and the potential health implications are both staggering and frightening. Affects can include headaches, central nervous system damage and liver damage, as well as damage to the reproductive system and nausea. That seems a bit of a steep price to pay for that new shower curtain smell.

However new alternatives to PVC shower curtains have come onto the market – including PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) shower curtains.

Before switching over to PEVA shower curtains its important to note that although many authorities do believe that they pose significantly fewer threats from off-gassing, they have not been subject to rigorous scientific testing. On the positive side they don’t contain chlorine – whcih is great news health wise. However they are still manufactured using material that is derived from fossil fuels, making them at best only a ‘semi green’ choice for those who are concerned with the environment.

If there is one simple guideline to making sure that your shower curtain is at least healthier than the older models it’s to avoid any shower curtain that lists as a component ‘vinyl’ (unless it also says that it’s PVC free). It’s also worth noting that avoiding shower curtains that market themselves as ‘anti fungal’ or ‘anti bacterial’ is a good idea. They’re of dubious value and effectiveness and are manufactured using a whole new set of chemicals that can have an adverse effect on the health of your family.

If you’re in the market for a really healthy shower curtain alternative then there are some other routes that you may consider taking. Have a look at shower curtains made from hemp or cotton. Both are natural and have a minimum impact on the environment and your health. Just avoid cotton that has been bleached. there are also some extremely attractive shower curtains that are made from linen (although they can be pricey) or recycled sailcloth which is incredibly durable.

In the end it’s up to the individual consumer to decide whether saving a few cents is worth potentially sacrificing the health of themselves and their family.